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NHL Player Evaluation Testing
Public Analytics models do a good job of purveying aspects of hockey that can not be observed on the ice.
Some NHL players contribute to team success and perform better in the playoffs which makes them better than players who have not succeeded in the playoffs.
A bottom six forward or middle pair defenseman who has succeeded on a playoff team has more value than a bottom six forward or middle pairing defenseman on a non-playoff team with better statistics
Underlying numbers are a good way to evaluate a player's ability as a hockey player
Analytical models do not capture everything a player is able to do on the ice
There are many players with good underlying numbers but if you actually watch them, you will know they are bad
Player cards that use percentiles to evaluate players compared to the population of all players in their position do a good job at providing an accurate ranking of skill in the NHL
"Low ability" players who have contributed to playoff success in a meaningful way are better than "high ability" players who have won nothing
Individual awards are a better way to compare players than team success
A forward with 0 points in a game has performed poorly
Expected Goals is a good measure to evaluate performance of a player in a game that you have not watched
The eye test captures information that analytics and statistics are unable to capture
The first thing that should be done when rating players is to pull up their stats and underlying numbers
Playoff series wins are a good metric to evaluate individual success
Ability with no end product is worthless
I am happy with how analytics are being used to rate players today
I would rather my team sign a player who I have watched perform well in the playoffs rather than a player I am unfamiliar with that has better regular season statistics
EvolvingHockey, Public Models and MoneyPuck are all useful tools to properly evaluate a player
Where some people say statistics do not lie, I believe they do not tell the full story
The use of underlying numbers is superior to the use of the eye test
Being the best player on your team does not mean much if your team finishes bottom of your division
It is not fair to use playoff success to judge players as it is not fair to players on unsuccessful or unlucky teams
A goalie with a higher save percentage in the playoffs is more valuable than a goalie with a higher save percentage in the regular season
You are able to fully evaluate a defenseman using expected goals