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General PolComp
Merging nations into bigger nations is desirable
The individual is more important than the society
Technological advancement is damaging our society
The state shall decide on a sufficient minimum wage
A strong army is important
Economic prices, capacities, productions should be planned to serve the people
Ethnic homogenity should be preserved
Corporations must be regulated to preserve us from destructive climate change
Criminals are only victims of social circumstances and should be supported to get their life together again
Data & video surveillance are needed to protect our citizens from threats
Religions are an outdated concept
Direct Democracy is too populist and sacrifices the right policies for the majority will
Western societies already achieved full gender equality before law. Any further measure is discriminating nonsense
Healthcare should be open to the private market
Marriage is a sacred institution, a special bond between men & women
Rent price regulations should be implemented
In 100 years, we will hopefully...
Communism is...
Minority quotas are a needed solution
The biggest crisis like climate change, immigration, covid should be dealt on a global scale