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ASOIAF Compass
Jon Snow will return from the dead unchanged.
Tyrion is somehow a targ
Rickon will have a major role in the upcoming story
RLJ is essentially confirmed
Arthur Dayne is still alive
Jon is Azor Ahai
YG is a Blackfyre
Sandor Cleage will return in the story
Catelyn Stark is the most evil person to ever live.
Stannis is the Rightful King
Bloodraven is the 3EC
The Night of the Laughing Tree was Lyanna Stark
Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne
Quentyn is still alive
Lemongate will bear some level of significance to Dany's story in the future
The events that actually conspired at the tower of Joy differ grately from Ned's memories
We have yet to see the final and main villain of the series
The High Sparrow has a hidden identity
Arya Stark is more of a protagonist than not
Sansa Will have a happy ending
If you wrote the rest of the story, Jon Snow's Parents would be:
Rhaegar and Lyanna had a Star-Crossed Romance
There are more than 3 dragons alive in planetos right now
Time travel exists and plays a major role in our story
Doran Martell's Plans are much larger than any POV is yet to realize
Jeoffry Hired the Catspaw
Sci Fi elements are central in asoiaf
There are wargs other than starks or wildlings
It remains possible Dany's parents are not who she thinks
Eldrich/Lovecraftian elements will appear in our story