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Eysenck Politic Test
Ultimately, private property should be abolished and complete Socialism introduced.
Production and trade should be free from government interference.
Divorce laws should be altered to make divorce easier.
The so-called underdog deserves little sympathy or help from successful people.
The nationalization of the great industries is likely to lead to inefficiency, bureaucracy, and stagnation.
'My country right or wrong' is a saying which expresses a fundamentally desirable attitude.
The average man can live a good enough life without religion.
There is no survival of any kind after death.
There may be a few exceptions, but in general, Jews are pretty much alike.
The dropping of the first atom bomb on a Japanese city, killing thousands of innocent women and children, was morally wrong and incompatible with our kind of civilization.
Birth control, except when recommended by a doctor, should be made illegal.
People suffering from incurable diseases should have the choice of being put painlessly to death.
Capitalism is immoral because it exploits the worker by failing to give him full value for his productive labour.
We should believe without question all that we are taught by the Church.