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Military Test
What is your ideal military spending (% of GDP)
When are military interventions generally justified in your opinion?
How do you think about military service?
Lets look at specific situations: Xinjiang and the supposed human rights violations. How would you act?
What do you think about the current US military budget? (778 billion UDS / 3,7% GDP)
Regarding the "Waron Terror" in the middle east after 911, how do you think about interventions and actions in Iraq, Syria, Lybia,...
Do you agree that European NATO members should rise their budget to 2% GDP as they agreed to do so?
You are a country in ca 1938 shortly before WW2. The German Reich has installed an authoritarian fascist regime and is about to integrate Austria and the Sudetenland. How do you react as a country? (Note: do not consider the Holocaust in this scenario because it isnt reality or theory yet at this time)
You face the threat of a geopolitical concurrent with an inherently different political system and contradicting interests. (You are not yet at war with this country). How should your military budget be in comparison to theirs?
You are a country deep within WW2 and the rumours of Holocaust have made it through already and have been confirmed. How do you act?
In case an enemy nation seeks to make a neutral nation with geopolitical strategic importance an ally of them (as with Vietnam & Afghanistan and the Soviets). How would you act?