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The Suzerain Political Compass Test.
Colonel Soll is a hero.
Conscription should be abolished.
Which superpower should Sordland align with?
Traditional values are a positive influence on society.
Privatization is beneficial.
Worker's rights should be improved.
Soll's '29 constitution is flawed, it should be reformed.
Colonel Soll should be brought to trial.
Bluds deserve better treatment.
Government contracts should only be given to state-run enterprises.
Healthcare should be privatized.
Private companies cannot be trusted to educate our children property.
Patriotic and traditional values should be taught in school.
Without a strong leader in the Maroon palace, Sordland will suffer.
The presidency should be a powerful position.
The Grand National Assembly should have more power than it does currently.
The Supreme Court is far too powerful.
Some goods should be taxed.
Bills like the Unified Education Act and the Religious Harmony Bill are beneficial to Sordland.
Morals and values should be up to the people, not enforced by the government.
Private businesses should be heavily regulated.
Women's rights legislation should be passed.
Critical industries should be nationalized or remain under state control.
State run companies too easily become stagnant and inefficient.
Ownership of the "Big Four"?
There must be checks and balances to prevent mob rule.
Society must maintain family values if it is to remain successful.