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Dove Versus Hawk test V 1
When new powers start to emerge, we should treat it as a threat to national security
We should ally with strong countries, even if they go against our values and ideals
We need to go to war with countries to complete our goals, no matter how deadly
All the democracies should side with each other above all else ( or dictatorships if you're pro dictatorships)
Peace talks are often a risk to national security
we need to do everything in our power to stop the enemies to our nation
We need to stop our enemies more than we need to make new friends
without the UN and peace treaties / agreements there would be more wars right now
We need to have better access to oil and cheaper consumer goods, even if that means removing trade regulations on dictatorships
Our alliance should, together, decide common positions on cultural issues or political issues to bring us together and remind us of why we side together
our allies should have similar levels of welfare (or not) and elections (or not ) as we do
The War on Terror was a good idea
NATO is mainly based on hating Russia and China, rather than sharing things in common
Canada and the USA ( for example) have similar cultures and systems which makes their alliance stronger
The Fact the USA (biggest economy) and Canada (9th biggest economy) are right next to each other weakens both their economies
We should always strike first, even if we don't have the best proof that our enemies are planning something against us