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Cultural Compass
We should respect religion.
Race is a social construct.
The nuclear family should be abolished.
There are only two genders.
Genetic engineering should be used on humans.
My culture is worth preserving.
Society should be more inclusive of disabled people.
Women are much more emotional than men.
We should not appropriate the culture of people we have no relation to.
Religious schooling should not exist.
Oppressed groups deserve special protections.
Businesses should be allowed to discriminate against certain races.
There are certain words that should never be said.
Language should be changed to better reflect modern views.
Universities are biased against right wing views.
I consider myself a feminist.
There are moral rules that should never be broken.
Nature has no inherent value.
Gay couples should not raise children.
Institutional sexism is a big problem.
We should try to find a cure for homosexuality.
Obese people should not be shamed for their appearance.
People should return to their ancestral homelands.
We should embrace a global cosmopolitan culture.
Political correctness has gone too far.
Offensive/disruptive speech should be limited
Immigration is a good thing.
Nothing is sacred, and we should embrace that.