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Diagonal Compass
Economic globalisation should be opposed.
Independent labor unions are a threat to the economy.
The freer the market, the freer the people.
A stateless society is desirable.
Income tax should be lowered, if not removed entirely.
Large organisations need a top down structure to function well
Society can be viewed as a conflict between groups with different group interests.
Power should be distributed evenly throughout society.
Work makes people strong.
Corporate subsidies should be abolished.
Nobody can ever be truly separate from society.
The tyranny of the majority is a legitimate thing to fear
The workplace should be more democratic.
Monarchies should be preserved.
Organ trading should be legal.
Healthcare should be funded through taxes.
All economic activity should be voluntary
Intellectual property is illegitimate.
It's a waste of time to try to rehabilitate some criminals.
Certain religious views should be supressed.
Abandoned property should be free to use by any individual.
Not everyone deserves economic power.
Prices should be determined by supply and demand.
Consumerism has degraded our society.
Universal Basic Income should replace other forms of welfare.
The economic benefits of land belong to everyone.
The state should be used as a tool to reshape society.
Aristocratic societies were better than democratic ones.
Individuals thrive when left to govern themselves.
The economy should be centrally planned.
Competition leads to innovation.
People should be left to rise and fall based on their own merits
Property is theft.
The economy should be directed away from the production of luxuries.
Worker co-ops are better than traditional business models.
A society without strong leaders is destined to fail.
Poverty is caused by innate differences between humans.
Selfishness is root of all of our problems.
Monopolies, including state monopolies, should be broken up.
People loyal to my cause should focus on attaining positions of power.