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Political Compass with No Politics
I would consider veganism
I am comfortable wearing pajamas in public
I like to play video games in my free time
I have, or would like to get body modifications
I have trespassed on private property before
I have used or considered using a therapist
Modern art and music are inferior to classical
I enjoy gambling at a casino
Trains are cooler than cars
If I do not like my food at a restaurant, I will send it back
I prefer the steampunk aesthetic to cottage core
Halloween is a better holiday than Christmas
I enjoy reading/watching science fiction
I prefer to work on school projects by myself
I use facebook more than other social media platforms
I enjoy playing with fire and/or knives
I prefer to vacation at a beach resort rather than in a foreign city
I make my bed every morning
When I shop for clothes I prefer to go to a thrift store
We live in a society