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a DETAILED political compass test
Capital punishment is sometimes justified
Prisoners should not be afforded the right to vote
Police officers should carry firearms
Prison sentences are often too short
Excluding alcohol, all drugs should remain illegal
The primary function of the state should be to maintain law and order
Open borders are a risk to national security
Surveillance technology is a force for good
A form of monarchy is preferable to democracy
Some forms of speech should be illegal e.g. hate speech
Socialism would be preferable to capitalism
Healthcare should be nationalised
All instances of patriarchy should be opposed
The global wealth disparity is one of the biggest problems of contemporary society
Feminism is one of my core values
Multiculturalism is preferable to homogeneity
Immigrants generally contribute more to society than they take
Labour unions area fundamentally good idea
Without the working class, the world as we know it would cease to function
Money is the key motivation behind most evil acts
"The smaller the government, the freer the people" is a fundamentally good principle
Representative democracy is the best democratic system we have
Countries operate best when unified and autonomous municipalities should be avoided
Local governments lack the strength necessary to fulfil their goals
Everyday people make poor decisions
It should be mandatory to vote under certain circumstances
Euthanasia should be illegal
Government regulation is preferable to trade unions and labour movements
Strong governments are always preferable to small, local government
The working class are oppressed in most contemporary societies
"The freer the market, the freer the people" is a fundamentally flawed idea
Trans-national corporations exploit the working class in third world countries for financial gain and should therefore be opposed
Class is inherently more divisive than any other aspect of identity e.g. gender, nationality, race, sexuality
I support the LGBTQ+ community
Collaboration between countries should be priorities over national pride and self-interest
Protectionism is inherently xenophobic
I see my race as being equal with all other races
"The solutions of the past cannot solve the problems of today" is true in almost all circumstances
Environmental catastrophe is the biggest threat to human civilisation