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NRX compass
the enlightenment was a good idea
all people should have equal rights
it is the states purpose to control any individual aspects of our lives
it is the state's main purpose to secure natural law
Everything should be legal unless it harms others
The state or private commune should secure christianity
Marihuana should be legal
stoners should be ostrasized
Poltics should be extremely locally managed
All adult people should have voting rights
There should be a national military
There should be no government
Christianity equals natural law.
There is no objective morality
We should welcome all immigrants of any nations
There should be a globalist government
There should as many laws as possible in order to secure order
My nation should have souvereignity
Hate the sin love the sinner
People should have the right to bear arms
There should be universial healthcare
There should be some form of wellfare
The state should protect consumers
The state should ban some forms of degeneracy