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Discord Server Structure Compass
Mods should have higher control over the server
Mods should be more lenient
Free and fair elections should be held on the server
Administrators should exist on the server
Mods should enforce server rules effectively and crack down on rule breakers
Rules shouldn't need to be enforced all the time
Members should decide the rules on the server
Democracy doesn't work on discord servers
Server Jail is necessary
There should be a type of warning system used when someone breaks a rule
Average Members on the server should have more rights
If Democracy has to be the option the higher powers on the server should have more voting power
If you bad talk the mods they have the right to punish you
Freedom of speech is very important on the server
The Average Members on the server should have more power when making server decisions
The Average Members don't need to have more rights that's for mods and above
Authority figures on the server should be able to show pro authoritarian propaganda
More lenient servers do better than more authoritarian ones
The Server Hierarchy should shrink and higher powered members should lose some special privileges
The more powerful should control more fundamental things about the server like channels or member privileges
People who break the rules even only a couple times should get banned
There should be less rules on the server
People should be able to have equal power to mods and other higher ups when suggesting changes for the server
Members shouldn't be able to decide what changes should be made
Authority figures should have the power to ban anyone they want who seems suspicious
There should be little to no rules on the server
The line between mods and average Members should be blurred so they're more equal
It should be harder for regular members to progress up the social ladder
There should be way more rules for minor offences
There shouldn't be any rules at all
Server equality is better than a hierarchical system
The hierarchy is the only way the server can survive
To ensure maximum behavior on the server there should be strict punishment for anyone who breaks any minor rule
Rules on the server are completely unnecessary you can do anything you want
Everyone should be equal on the server no matter what
There should be a hierarchical system on the server that should be more than just the persons position on the server but also the person's physical and mental characteristics