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Cancel culture compass test V.1.0
If someone accidentally says a slur and apologizes later, realizing how they were going on a tangen, or having a bad day, they deserve to be cancelled while also being doxxed, and assulted?
Cancel culture in its entirety no matter if the motive is bad, should be a thing in todays Political scandals, or even non political?
A famous Japanese person known around the world, creates or says something thats tolerated in his home country, should be cancelled?
Social media should be used to power the Cancel Culture machine?
A person should be doxxed and beaten for saying something harmless yet offensive?
Under no circumstances will POC be targeted by cancel culture? And only white, Cis men
Even tho times were different, a famous rock Singer wrote a seemingly racist and bigoted song back in the 80s, therefore he is racist, sexist and shall be cancelled?
Because only white cis men are the only ones who can be sexist and racist, all other races, even when some do very bad things, shall be unaffected by the cancel culture machine?
Men will always be mostly cancelled because women cannot be sexist nore racist?
Is cancel culture truely moral? Do people deserve to have their lives ruined? Their careers ended, even when most mean no harm