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Euros ModerateValues Quiz
Police should have higher funding
The State Should have a little less power in our lives
There should be more welfare programs
Tariffs on trade are unnecessary
The State should have a bit more power
People should have some more personal liberties
There should be higher taxes on the higher classes
There should be lower taxes in general
Some government strength is necessary
Marijuana should be legal
There should be higher minimum wages
The market should be a bit less regulated
Authority figures that are morally good can be trusted
Freedom of speech is important
Some businesses should be nationalized
Companies should have to pay lower taxes
The State should have a little bit more control over it's citizens
The police should be defunded
Stimulus packages during pandemics are helpful to citizens
The rich should be taxed less
Maintaining order is more important than falling towards anarchy
Victimless crimes shouldn't be punished
Healthcare is a basic human right
Small businesses shouldn't have to face major government regulation
Countries with larger governments are generally more successful
Nations that focus more on people's civil liberties are more prosperous for people
Governmental programs are better than charity
The government should be a bit less involved in corporate entities