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Discord Compass
There should be stricter enforcement of the rules on the server
Things should be more lenient on the server
Disboard is a good tool to use for growth of the server
Only certain people should be able to join
Mods should have even more power in the server
People should have more power in the server
The server is open to people who have good intentions on the server
Security is an important part of any server
There should be a prison channel for people who break rules
People who break rules should at least have a warning
The server is open to people of all ages 13+
Age restrictions are fundamental in a server
Mods should out number regular memberss
Most Hierarchal servers are ran poorly
People of all ages (even below 13) are allowed
Only Adults are allowed
Anyone who breaks the rules even only a couple times will get kicked or banned from the server
Mods shouldn't even exist on the server
Any Ethnicity of people can join
Only people of my ethnicity can join
Mods should be the highest Authority of the server
The server should have little to no rules
People of all genders are allowed
Only people of my gender are allowed
The server should be like a police state
(AMAB) All mods are bad
Anyone who doesn't have a record can join
Only My group of friends can join
Rights should be stripped away from regular members of the server because they can't be trusted with them.
Everybody should have an equal amount of power on the server
People who speak any language should be able to join
Only people who speak my language can join
Mods should take power over the server and strip members of any rights
Mods that abuse power should be stripped of their mod status
People can join if they please
Once someone joins they have to fill out forms and be given access by the owner
Mods should rule over the server an send all members to camps
All rules of the server should be disbanded along with any Hierarchal system
Everybody can join
Only I can invite people to join
Martial Law should be present on the server
The Server should break all the discord guidelines
The server is open to the whole world
Only 1 can rule and that's me