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Discrimination and Liberty Compass
Women are naturally better with children
I have no problems with race mixing
Freedom of speech is vital for the well being of society
Weapons should not be allowed in public
Transgender people will never be the gender they want to be
Some or all religions should not be allowed to exist in public
Consensual cannibalism should be legal
Oppressed identity groups should work together to end oppression for everyone
People should not be allowed to go against the will of society
An individual should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own body
Patriarchy is real, and a problem
Racial differences can primarily be explained by genetics
Adoption agencies should prioritise giving children to heterosexual couples
Black people are unfairly targeted by the justice system in America
All drugs should be decriminalised
People should not be permitted to participate in dangerous extreme sports
Nonbinary identities are valid
Any sexual activity is fine as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult
Minorities whine too much about discrimination
It should not be legal to drive without a seat belt
We should strive for an ethnically homogeneous society
Non heterosexual orientations are mental illnesses
It is wrong for churches to refuse to perform gay marriage ceremonies
People should be allowed to wear offensive clothes
Every action an individual takes is the concern of the state
Our institutions need to be more aware of neurodiverse and disabled people
Offensive opinions should be banned
Public nudity should not be against the law