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Freedom Quiz
The People cannot make good decisions on their own.
The Rulers should only be ones whom are capable.
Having a monarchy would be a solution to our political problems today.
A one party system is something that I would agree with.
Much of the democratic countries leaders are worse compared to leaders that aren't in democratic countries.
Voting is an essential human right.
Much of the democratic leaders are incompetent because they are elected by the masses.
Lighter drugs like Marijuana, Alcohol and Cigarettes should be legal.
Harder drugs like heroin, cocaine and acid should be legal.
People can do whatever they want with their bodies.
People can own anything they want.
The Internet should be unregulated.
People can be friends or be in a relationship with who they want to be with. (with some obvious limits of course.)
The Goverment should be able to spy on people for safety.