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Crypto-Capitalist Compass
The state should be more present in the day to day life of citizens
The state should be as small as possible
A Crypto-Capitalist economy and an authoritarian state don't combine
Some form of state regulation should exist to protect consumers
A Crypto-Capitalist market can regulate itself without need for governent
We should have a national cryptocurrency
We should have more diplomacy and trade with other nations
Because of the decentralised nature of crypto-capitalism, nationalism becomes impossible
A Cryto-Capitalist market should help our nation first before anything else
Crypto-Capitalism should be focused in a single country to succed
The government have a important role in a Cryto-Capitalist economy
Crypto-Capitalism is about decentralised industry which means centralised bodies like the state shouldn't influence it.
A laissez-faire market is utopic and will lead to corporate state
The state should have more control over a Crypto-Capitalist economy than just securing "consumer rights"
"the freer the market the freer the people" is a good principle.
A national economy removes all benefits of a Crypto-Capitalist market
International trading is good for the economy
International trading makes our local economy weak
Globalization is inevitable and trying to prevent it is futile
We should benefit local business or we'll become dependent of forgein forces