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Alternate Timeline Compass
Some people are more fit to hold power than others
The ideal society is one without borders, culture or ethnicity
Transhumanism is the way to go
The nation comes before all else
Nature has inherent value
An economy based on worker co-operatives is the ideal system
We must ensure economic hierarchy to prevent chaos
Labor unions, if they exist at all, should be heavily restricted
The workers should have freedom over their lives
The government should not try to change our culture
We must remove gender discrimination from our institutions
The market mechanism should be used to ensure freedom of choice
A centralised economy maintains efficiency
An individual should be allowed to freely use abandoned land, even if it's still owned by someone
Religion should be abolished
Boys and girls should be raised differently
We must respect our ancestors by continuing their legacy
The workplace should be more democratic
We should experiment with genetic engineering, even on humans
Trespassing can never be morally justified
We must be wary of new technology
We should pursue growth, no matter the environmental or cultural impact
We must make it easier for workers to form co-operatievs
Only the state can maintain high levels of efficiency
Workers should be payed in food rations and shelter as an alternative to wages
If people pay taxes towards services, they should have a say in how those services are run
The categories of race and gender should be abolished
The human body is sacred and shouldn’t be altered