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Personality Compass 1/4: Affect Test
I'm comfortable speaking to people I have never met before.
I rely on others to start a conversation and continue it.
At social events, I tend to keep to the outskirts and stay away from the center of the action.
I am not very good at introducing myself to other people.
Social interactions leave me feeling drained.
I need my alone time to recharge.
I dread initiating any kind of social interaction.
I enjoy going out with friends and have fun doing public activities.
I could have a conversation with anyone at all.
I'm not afraid to be loud and gregarious.
Social anxiety is not something I usually experience.
I am upfront about my emotions.
I have a better time alone than with others.
If I can avoid talking to someone, I will.
I tend to keep things bottled up inside me, and people have to dig them up.
I consider myself to be a private person.
Some might say I appear shady or intimidating, simply because I prefer being quiet.
I could easily be considered antisocial.
I am reclusive and prefer to work alone.
I'm rarely ever shy or timid.
I always stay calm, cool, and collected.
My emotions exude from me so much that people can tell what I am feeling even if I don't consciously express it in any way.
I usually appear energized and erratic.
People know me as a chill person.
People find it difficult to get a rise out of me.
I am stoic and prefer not to show my feelings.
I make a lot of facial expressions that show my emotions.
If I'm feeling something, I want everyone to know.
I experience the world at a great level of intensity.
I can easily appear cold or distant to other people.