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Economic Philosophy Compass
The workplace should be more democratic
The government should not interfere with the economy
Consumerism was a mistake
Investors should be rewarded for their investments
Income tax should be abolished
Businesses need hierarchy to function well
The economy must act as one unified body to prevent waste
It should be legal to claim unused land for yourself, even if it’s owned by someone else
Landlords contribute nothing of value to the economy
I should be allowed to sell my organs if I so desire
Trespassing is never morally permissible
The government should restrict the production of substances society finds harmful
The desires of individuals are irrational and should be ignored
The only restrictions on freedom should be to prevent harm against others
Class systems should be abolished
Inheritance should not be taxed
All morality eventually comes down to property rights
Capitalism creates unnecessary exploitation
The economy should be rationally planned to achieve greater goals
There is no such thing as a moral obligation
The economy should focus on satisfying needs instead of wants
Nobody can ever truly be independent from society, nor should they want to be
All economic interactions between people should be voluntary exchanges
Property is a legal fiction
Wealth accumulation is only natural
A market mechanism is needed to ensure that consumers are satisfied
There is nothing inherently wrong with theft
Labor unions only harm the economy