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Authority Compass
Government should spy on people
Drugs should be illegal
Weapons should be banned or regulated
State should dictate what people wear
We need strict law
State should regulate borders
Cerfew can be benefical
State should regulate economy
Police should have a lot of power
People should be able to do whatever they want
People should have rights
Government shouldn't regulate people's personal lifes
Sexual relationships should be regulated or banned
Government should track people's movement
China's credit score system is based
Security is more important than freedom
IngSoc is better than Egoism
People should be able to protest
Freedom of speech should have no limits
Direct democracy is benefical
State should be abolished
Monarchy is good
Technocracy is better than democracy
Dissent should be illegal
We should ban religion/Enforce religion
Society needs hierarchy to function
Power should be decentralised
Everyone should be able to vote