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Environmental / Cultural perspectives test
Natural heritage must be protected.
We must limit immigration to our country because there are not enough resources available for everyone
We can't accept sacrifices in production, even if the environment benefits greatly from it
I support LGBTQ+ rights
We must preserve our national identity
It makes no sense to restrict factories as technology will find a solution for global warming
The Age of Enlightenment was a mistake. Feudalism was going to be abolished anyway.
Women do not enjoy the same rights as men currently, but they should.
There is a group of outsiders that tries to undermine our Nation
Racial Identity and National Identity cannot be separated, to do so is a betrayal of both
The welfare state should be mostly disbanded. Instead, charity should be encouraged
Property Rights are key to any society
It is foolish to deny climate change as 97% of scientists agree it is real and man-made
If climate change is real, then people who own houses in areas like the seaside should just sell their houses and move on
I support the introduction of the death penalty
We should remove unconscious biases from our education and justice systems
People have the same fundamental worth
Humanity and the self are superior to the environment and are allowed to farm and shape the environment the way they want
We need to legalize abortion
Animals deserve some rights
Communitarianism (socially, not economically) is a superior drive to individualism