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Economic Compass
The economy is too important to be left alone.
Workers should control some industry.
A market organizes an economy better than any planning.
Gain motivated economy is the most efficient.
Planning ahead can be beneficial.
Economic inequalities must be reduced.
To fullify the needs, we need to know them, and for that we need a market.
Privately owned industry does the job.
There are some economic practices that should not be allowed, like mass pollution and dangerous workplaces.
To each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
People should have a variety of products to choose from.
An economy can't work if there is no one to direct the compagnies.
Without an united direction, an economy can't be focused on an important goal.
Capitalism can't be good because it generates poverty.
Centralization of resources always lead to inneficiency in the best case and famines in the worst case.
Financial inequality is what stimulates the economy like nothing else.