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Cultural Perspective Test
We should remove all gender discrimination from our education and justice systems
The state should not involve itself with marriage
The government should not meddle with our culture
There should be strict rules in society on how people can behave
We must remove traditions which slow the advancement of society
We should open our borders to immigration
The state should not require people to vaccinate their children
Drugs which have been proven to be harmful should be illegal
The consequences of a policy determine whether it is right or wrong
People should be free to do whatever they want with their own bodies
It’s perfectly natural for some people to hold negative views about homosexuality
Unhealthy sexual practices should be regulated
Religion would not exist in the ideal society
Nobody should be obligated to put society’s interests before their own
It should be legal to carry a gun wherever I like
Most people lack the wisdom needed to know what's good for them
We should not permit the teaching of creationism in schools
Consensual cannibalism should be legal
The hunting of wild animals should be allowed
People with inheritable genetic disorders should not be allowed to reproduce
The government should target and break up cults
People should be free to find their own spiritual paths rather than relying on a scientific or theological authority
Home schooling is preferable to other types of education
Modern progressive ideology has no final goal, and will just lead to chaos.
Harsh punishments are needed so people fall in line
There is no problem with the majority of people conforming to gender expectations
Children should be raised collectively or by the state
People should have the freedom to dress as they please