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Quebec Compass
Quebec is a nation of it's own.
We must keep the cultural and economic heritage of the Quiet Revolution, like national industry and public education.
It makes sense that Quebec stays in Canada, since it's been so long since it's in the federation.
Immigrants are a threat for Quebec.
As long as Quebec isn't independent, we need new referendums.
Social justice must be upgraded as much as in the 60's.
Quebec's anglophones are oppressed because of dominant french language.
Duplessis' traditional measures were justified.
English assimilation is a danger for Quebec's culture, so consequent protecting laws must be enacted.
UQAM and other leftist centers are needed to exchange ideas.
The laicity project must be stopped because it opposes canadian constitutional multiculturalism's policy.
Even with the BS welfare and the health system, people should work hard.
The FLQ terrorist attacks were needed because otherwise the situation would be worse.
Quebec is a good terrain to test socialism.
Quebec must resign and finally sign the canadian constitution once for all.
Police order must be kept during student protests in big cities like Montreal.