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Euros Economic and Cultural Compass
Religion is the only way to be moral
Religion isn't needed at all to keep anyone moral
Welfare helps the less fortunate more than charity
Charity is a better option then welfare when helping the less fortunate
Society Decades ago is better than Society now
Science is more important than religion
Big Corporate Entities should collapse
Corporate Entities should have more power
Homosexuality is against my values
Same Sex couples should be able to adopt
There should be a higher minimum wage so workers can live
Higher minimum wage will kill small businesses
Transgender people are mentally ill
Anti LGBTQ Business owners should have to hire LGBTQ employees
Workers should seize the means of production
Business owners know whats best for a workers health
Pornography should be banned because its degenerate
2 consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want to eachother
The rich should pay more in taxes
Tariffs on Trade are Unnecessary
Abortion should be illegal
Animals should have certain universal rights
Communism can work in practice
Capitalism is the best economic system
A Womens first duty is to be a house wife
Gender roles from the 50s are no longer relevent today
Distribution of wealth among the people is a good idea
People who earned their money have the right to keep it from anyone but themselves
Maintaining Traditional Family Values is essential
There is no point in maintaining tradition
Citizens should not be able to own property
Everything should be privately owned
Mentally impaired people are a waste of space in society
The Mentally challenged need as much help as they can get
Healthcare should be free for everyone
People who have the money should have access to better healthcare
Some people are generally more superior than others
We are all equal no matter our differences
Businesses should be nationalized
Roads should be privatized
We should preserve our traditions because they're important
We should focus more on advancing forward than looking on our past
Everyone should have an equal amount of wealth and all hierarchies should be abolished
The hierarchy is literally human nature