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Matmaj's Political Compass
State should wither away or should be abolished.
Direct democracy is beneficial.
Authority shouldn't be questioned.
Monarchy is better than oligarchy or democracy.
Government should spy on people.
Weapons should be banned or regulated.
Dissent should be illegal.
Freedom of speech should have no limits.
Drugs should be banned for recreational use.
Society needs hierarchy to function well.
State shouldn't regulate economy (this doesn't mean that workers can't).
We need strict law
State socialism and corporatism are better than liberalism and regular socialism.
People should be free to do whatever they want, unless their actions violate rights of other people.
Government should regulate what people wear.
Democracy is inefficient.
Public ownership of property is better than private ownership of property.
Healthcare should be free for everyone.
Society should make sure no one lives in poverty.
From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.
Education should be free.
Money should be abolished.
We should focus on collective good rather than focusing on individual's success.
Economic and social darwinism have good ideas.
Capitalism causes too much inequality.
People shouldn't be selfish.
Landlords can be oppressive
All property should be private.
We should help each other and achieve a better society.
Plutocracy and corporatocracy have good ideas.
Socialism doesn't work.
Welfare is important.