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Feminism-MRM Compass
The mainstream sexualisation of women is...
Misandry isn't real.
Domestic violence against men is an undiscussed issue.
Claiming that feminism is "no longer needed" is plain ignorance.
The gender wage gap isn't real.
Feminists who aren't MRAs aren't feminists.
Pornography is a form of discrimination against women.
Words like 'slut' and 'tart' should be banned and those who use them punished.
Rape culture is...
Discrimination against men is necessary to tear down the patriarchy.
To campaign for women's rights but not men's rights is sexism.
Everyone should be a liberal feminist.
The justice system is biased against men when it comes to child custody.
Circumcision is male genital mutilation.
Male privilege is...
The fact that the draft is male-exclusive is clear and obvious discrimination against men.
False accusations of rape against men is...
MRA movements are inherently misogynistic.
Anti-feminism is synonymous with misogyny.
Masculinity is under siege by feminism.
Which of these is the closest to what you'd describe yourself as?
The average woman has a better life than the average man.
Capitalism is inherently sexist towards women.
A feminist isn't a true feminist if they're not a radical.
Third wave feminism is bad.
'Womyn' is a stupid term.
Nobody should have a problem with men standing up for men's rights.
Misandry is...
If women ran the world, the world would be a better place.
The incel movement is a disgrace to the Men's Rights movement.
Men are sexualised, just like women.
Wearing bikinis and other revealing clothes is conformity to the patriarchy.
To dismantle the patriarchy, men must be forced out of power temporarily.
Feminism and MRA can cooperate.
Societal expectations of men are....
Lower life expectancy for men worldwide is an example of discrimination towards men.
The fact that in certain countries such as the UK rape is legally considered to be a male-exclusive crime is sexism.
The disproportionate amount of men in homelessness disproves male privilege.
All women must work together to dismantle the patriarchy.
Which of these is the closest to what you'd describe yourself as?