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Euros Political Compass
The State Should Spy on it's citizens
The State Should have less power
Corporations shouldn't be regulated
Workers should seize the means of production
Some type of Government is needed in order to have a functioning society
The State has infringed on the rights of everyone
Healthcare should be free
Roads should be privately owned
Sertain Civil Liberty's should be sacrificed to ensure the peoples safety
Victimless crimes shouldn't be punished
Regulation is needed to stop massive corporations from gaining too much power
The Freer the Market the freer the people
All drugs should be illegal
The stuff that people do on their own property is no business to the state
For Each according to his ability to each according to his needs
Exploitation is an outdated term
Democracy is Overrated
The People should deside what's best not the state
Hierarchies are bad
Capitalism is the best Economic System
The Police Force should be militarized
The Police force should be defunded
Welfare is needed to help the less fortunate
Charity is a better way of helping the poor than welfare
Anyone who talks bad about the state will have to be punished
Freedom of Speech is Important and should be protected at all costs
The Rich should be highly taxed
The Rich are at the top of the social hierarchy so they should be treated better
You shouldn't question Authority
Most if not all laws are completely Unnecessary
Communism is an idea that can actually work in practice
Communism hasn't and will never work
Most if not all Authority Figures know what's best
The saying "If you have Nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" is absolutely idiotic
Small business owners should be able to protect their property with firearms
Private Property should be abolished
The Government should have more power than the people
The State Should be abolished
The Company knows whats best for it's workers
Democracy is better than the Hierarchy