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Economic Compass
Minimum wage levels must be guaranteed to ensure that a worker can make a living from his job.
Regulations in labor law need to be removed to encourage companies to hire.
It is necessary to avoid a private monopoly.
Income and capital must be taxed to redistribute wealth.
State companies must be managed as private and follow the logic of the market (competition, profitability ...).
Loans contracted by the public sector (states, regions, communities) do not necessarily have to be repaid.
Today, employees have the freedom to choose when signing a contract with their future employer.
The maximum number of hours allowed in the legal workweek should be increased.
Some sectors or types of employment should receive financial support.
The market economy is optimal when it is not regulated.
No one should get rich by owning a business, a home, or a piece of land.
It is important that health remains a public matter.
Banks should remain private.
The labor market enslaves workers.
Seeking your own benefit is healthy for the economy.
It is acceptable that there are rich and poor.
Energy and transportation structures should be a public matter.
Salaried work is a form of theft of the worker by companies.
It is merit that explains the differences in wealth between two individuals.
It is acceptable that some industrial sectors are private.