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LibRight Compass Test
Although I don't like a large government a small one wouldn't be much better
The Government is too involved in our lives
Market Regulation is way better for the people
An Unregulated Market helps everyone succeed
Some type of Government is needed in order to have a functioning society
The State has infringed on the rights of everyone
Healthcare should be more accessible to the less fortunate
Roads should be privately owned
The Police are still needed in order to maintain order
Cops are no longer needed in our society
Landlords are greedy snobs
Taxation is Theft
The NAP should be more lenient
I believe hardcore drugs like Cocaine should be illegal
Massive Corporations should stop exploiting people from 3rd world countries
Mega Corporations have the right to use slave labor
There should be necessary laws that will ensure the peoples safety
Laws Necessary or not should be abolished
We should focus less on Economic factors and more on social factors
All Services should be privately owned
Rehabilitation doesn't work for everyone and should be replaced with something a little bit more unethical
People should be able to own explosives and firearms without a licence
Although I'm not a fan of Communism Capitalism doesn't sound that good either
Mega Corporations should continue to gain power
BioChemical weapons should be banned
You shouldn't need a license to drive a car
I really only want freedom I don't want to follow any economic system at all
Capitalism is the best possible option