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Euros Meme Compass
Do you find Older Memes Funnier?
Do You like Memes that Include Swearing?
Do you think sex jokes are funny?
Do you laugh at Older memes unironically
Memes that are offensive should be banned
Horrible Events shouldn't be joked about
You Unironically use memes from before 2015
You don't understand newer memes all that much
School Shooting Jokes are Funny
Offensive Humor is Hilarious
Dabbing is an Old Trend that died long ago
Memes from Years ago are now very unfunny
I always use UwU unironically in Memes
9/11 Jokes are funny
I use Top and Bottom Text Memes Unironically
Memes only last a short amount of time before they become normie humor.
Edgy Youtube Poops are offensive
Ironic Racism is funny
The Basic Early 2010s Memes were the peak of Internet Humor
Trends that were memed years ago are no longer funny
Memes should make people feel good rather than make people laugh
Saying Gross shit ironically is hilarious
Deep Fried Memes are the pinnacle of Meme Humor
You still enjoy trends from way back like the harlem shake or Gangnam style
Should People face consequences for posting offensive humor
Offensive Humor is just humor and shouldn't be tooken seriously
Memes have been ruined in recent years and should return back to their roots
Memes have only gotten funnier over time and will continue to get funnier
Memes should be more friendly for all ages
People should have the freedom to make Memes as crude and offensive as they like
Newer memes don't even have any kind of punchline which means they Arent funny
Memes from years ago are undeveloped and have been done to death
Wholesome memes arent even funny
Edgy Memes are too dark to be considered memes
Dead Memes can't be brought back and will forever be normie humor
Yo Mama jokes are unironically funny