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U.S Politics
Capitalism is preferable to Socialism
The United States would benefit from less market regulation than is in place now.
Trickle down economics work.
The United States should revert back to economic policies in place under the Clinton administration.
The Trump administration's success with unemployment rates has shown that market economics work better than a planned economy.
The United States was successful post WW2 thanks to the Roosevelt-Truman economic policies.
Planned economy is better for an entire country.
Market economics work better in smaller communities.
We should reject modernity and attempt to revert back to traditional values that once made our nation great.
The United States is a Christian country.
The fact that there has not yet been a female president shows that there is systematic sexism.
Family is what keeps a nation stable, and should be valued above everything else.
Conservatives want to revert back to traditional standards because they are prejudice.
Conservatives merely act as a cleanup crew for failed liberal practices.
All progress in the United States has come from liberal values.
When people are younger they are liberals, as they grow older and experience life and become wiser they become more conservative.