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Communist/propertarian Brutalism/Humanitarianism test
Killing enemies is the best way to ensure the success of communism/anarchocapitalism/any other funny ideology
Killing the offspring of your enemies is the best way to make sure that no one else is going to oppose your ideology in the future
Affinity to certain ideologies is biologically inherited from parents
Children are not responsible for the crimes of their parents, therefore they should not be punished in any way
Our ideological enemies can be rehabilitated, therefore there is no need to execute them once they surrender
Children are property (slaves) of their parents
Killing someone for sleeping on your lawn is justified
Property isn't the most important value upon which we should build our society
Human life is the most valueable thing in the world
If we assume that there is no private property, and everyone should take what they need, I should be able to cut off communist's head and use it as decoration for my house
Human bodies are material things, therefore they are property, therefore people should be able to sell themselves
It should be legal to kill unborn child because they reside inside mother's body
It should be legal to kill your slaves or animals
It should be legal to kill or mutilate your born (i.e. 15 years old) children because they are property of their parents
Burning holy book publicly should be legal as long as it's your book
People should be able to genetically modify their offspring
It shouldn't be legal to modify human's body, either genetically or by implants, because it's going to lead to social unequality
Clean air or water is commodity to be sold
Any kind of voluntary exchange of goods should be legal
Access to drugs should be....
Age of sexual consent...
There is no need for prison system, we should kill people who break the law.