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Libertarian Diplomacy/Culture Compass
The actions of the Government always lead to a departure from tradition
Grassroots Morality based on Culture or Tradition should be the basis of a libertarian society
Abortion is non-libertarian and should be banned / restricted by private / local law
Libertarianism must interact with our culture to work much better
Traditions are a creation of the government to control people's behavior
Homophobia or Racism are non-libertarian positions and a "true" libertarian should not support them
Feminism is a fight for the rights of individual women, so libertarians should support them
LGBT rights are something every Libertarian should support because they are a fight for human dignity
Since the government is damaging our country, libertarianism itself is a pro-national idea
International Aid is basically robbing the people of the country and must therefore be abolished
Global organizations such as the European Union or the United Nations are the first step to creating a Totalitarian Global Government, therefore they must be overthrown
In matters of international politics, I am not interested in humanity but my country
Within Libertarianism, we should create a Global Government / Confederation
Nationalist Spending on Military is nonsense because instead of competing as independent nations, we could act as one humanity
Nationalism and Patriotism are evil and selfish ideologies, we should focus on the globe
Broad Diplomacy is the basis of international politics