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Governance Test
The people should have a say in their government.
Direct democracy by the people themselves is preferable to liberal democracy with elected representatives.
There exists a group with a natural right to power over the rest of the people.
The state should be abolished.
Economic hierarchy is natural.
There will always be those above to be obeyed and those below to be commanded.
National/cultural identity is important.
Overarching centralized authority is efficient and desirable.
The peoples' will is best embodied by a centralized power structure.
A state that governs according to the will of the people is desirable.
Individual liberty is more important than collective security.
There should be a singular ruling body with absolute power.
Markets are the best way of allocating resources and should be retained.
The people should not be subject to the anti-democratic market and its unjust machinations.
The means of production should be owned by the workers who use them.
Land should be decommodified and owned in common by everyone.
The wealthy are superior and deserve higher positions in society.
The rich and well-born should rule society.
From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.
Military officials should have elevated positions in society.
A monarchy is preferable to a democracy of any stripe.
All democracies are bound to devolve into aristocracies of some kind.
People with ideas of radical democracy and socialism should be physically removed from society.
Borders should ultimately be abolished.
Subversive elements of society should be put down and discouraged.
Universal public programs should be established instead of incrementalist means-tested programs.
We should compromise with the powers that be and reform the system rather than revolutionizing it.
Some form of dictatorship is desirable.
A government should be unitary rather than federal, and no level of autonomy should be given to internal areas within it.
Coercive power is often justifiable and desirable.
A functional society without coercion and centralized power structures is possible and desirable.
Inequality in society is just.
There's a natural order to society that should be followed.
People's position in society is predetermined by evolutionary biology and righteous processes of social selection for competence.
The pious and religiously pure should have elevated positions in society.
People deserve their lot in life, whether they be rich and powerful or poor and powerless
There should be an authentic meritocracy where power is given to the hardest working and most educated
Some people are just better than others.
Society should be run by an educated elite class.
Loyalty to the state should determine one's social standing in society.
The tyranny of the majority should be avoided at all costs.
The minority should be subject to the majority entirely.
Mob rule is desirable.
There should be no moral order imposed upon society.
Institutions of power in society should be torn down and abolished.
There should be some party, union, or council in order to organize society.