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Moral Compass
It is the task of the individual to strive towards morals and values
“Good” and “evil” are relative terms
Self-control is more important than indulgence
Life is short, so there is no sense in living small
Without our moral standards, we are nothing
Morals are socially constructed
Those who are slaves to their passions are weak
The ultimate good is the achievement of the greatest happiness possible
We all know right from wrong innately
Any action that results in the desired outcome is acceptable
Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without discipline
All actions are driven by the pleasure principle
Some actions are simply never acceptable
The powerful are the ultimate deciders of right and wrong
Continuous strengthening/conditioning of body and mind is essential
If something is not enjoyable, there is no sense in doing it
We must always consider how our actions affect others
Violence and lies are not inherently wrong
The greatest form of power is power over oneself
One's passions should be indulged in as much as possible