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Thoub Compass Test
The free market is a positive aspect of our economy.
Regulation of the economy by the state is necessary.
The freest markets yield the best wellbeing of its citizens.
The income tax should be abolished.
Taxation is immoral.
Everyone should be guaranteed quality healthcare.
The minimum wage is necessary,
All drugs should be legalized.
The government kills everything it touches.
Environmental regulations are necessary.
Abortion is immoral.
No human is illegal.
Immigration positively benefits the United States.
Our founding documents must be preserved.
Americans should accept gay marriage as normal.
Affirmative action is necessary to fix the wrongdoings of slavery.
Global warming is a significant threat to the world.
The government should only make decisions that benefit my country.
The second amendment must be preserved.
Religion should stay out of the government.
There is an objective morality.
Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
America should value the wellbeing of other countries just as much as itself.
Racism is a significant problem in America today.
I revere the founding fathers and heroes that build America.
The priority of women should be to take care of their children.
Women should not be able to vote.
Gender is merely a social construct.
Western nations thrive due to their Christian values.