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/r/Neoliberal Political Compass
Being pro-life/anti-choice is misogynistic.
"Cancel culture" is a real problem, and I'm concerned it's going too far.
Free public higher education is a good idea.
I would support a non-negligible amount of student loan forgiveness from the federal government.
I generally support efforts to cut local police budgets.
Do beans belong in chili?
It is reasonable for countries to ban face coverings without religious exemptions.
The United States would be better off without the Second Amendment.
Single-payer health care is good policy.
Ronald Reagan was a good President.
The United States would be better off if unions had more power.
It is reasonable to call the US Republican Party a white nationalist organization.
A wealth tax is a good idea.
Personal income taxes on millionaires should be much higher.
The corporate income tax rate should be zero.
Giving workers more representation on corporate boards is a good idea.
JK Rowling's statements on gender in the past couple years are disappointing.
Race-based affirmative action is generally good.
Political considerations aside, reparations for the descendants of slaves is conceptually good policy.
Once we are back to normal economic times, the United States should take steps to control the size of the national debt.
The United States should consider reducing Social Security benefits and/or raising the retirement age.
/r/Neoliberal has too many "succs"
/r/Neoliberal should be more open-minded and welcoming to people with socially conservative views.
Criminalizing hate speech is in many cases good policy.
Do you hate the global poor?
How do you feel about Anita Sarkeesian?
Which of the following groups is the most oppressed?
Including labor and environmental standards in trade agreements is good policy.
I would have preferred President Elizabeth Warren to President Joe Biden.