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PolComp Test
If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
A victimless crime is no crime at all.
Order is more important than peace.
All people should be free to express their gender and sexuality without penalty.
A strong state is efficient and desirable.
Drugs should be broadly decriminalized/legalized.
Citizens should not be allowed to protest their government.
All authority should be questioned.
Pornography should be prohibited.
Sex work should be broadly decriminalized/legalized.
The death penalty should be utilized for certain criminals.
Direct democracy is preferable to representative democracy or autocracy.
One should submit oneself to one's state.
Your government does not know what's best for you.
One should obey the state and abide by the law.
The state should be abolished.
Abortion should be prohibited in all cases.
Firearms should not be banned and the right to arm oneself should be protected.
The police force should be militarized and powerful.
We should have open borders in the long-term.
A surveillance state is necessary and desirable.
People should generally be free to do whatever they want to do.
A monarchy or autocracy would be preferable to democracy.
Liberty and self-expression are more important than responsibility and obedience.
Economic hierarchy is a fact of nature.
From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.
Social problems require market solutions.
The means of production should belong to the workers who use them.
Communism is a failure and could never work.
Wage labor is just an advanced form of slavery.
Social services should be privatized.
The value of a commodity is produced by the labor that went into that commodity's production.
Community organizations like libraries, parks, and theatres should be marketized rather than subsidized by the public budget.
Universal healthcare coverage should be provided by the collective.
Charity is better than welfare.
Free education from childcare to higher education and trade schools should be provided universally by the collective.
The rich got their wealth through hard work, ingenuity, and having the best ideas. The poor are poor because they are lazy and incompetent.
There should be a wealth tax on the ultra-rich and corporations.
People's positions on the economic ladder are results of their individual choices and genetic capacities.
History is best understood as the history of class struggle.
A free market is the best allocator of resources.
Industries like transportation and energy should be public sector.
Economic inequality is a necessary price to pay for a thriving free market society.
Land shouldn't be a commodity, land should be owned in common.
What's good for corporations is good for everybody.
The system should serve the people rather than the people serving the economy.
The ruthless pursuit of individuals' self-interest that capitalism encourages is a net positive for society.
Class society should ultimately be abolished.