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Off-compass quiz
Free will causes chaos and evil and it should be abolished.
Government should spy on everyone.
Dissent is always bad.
Dictatorship is better than democracy.
Individual freedom should be abolished.
We should have strict law.
Civilians shouldn't own weapons.
Authority shouldn't be questioned.
Anarchism is a bad ideology.
We should kill people who disagree with us.
Drugs should be illegal.
Government should control everything.
Collective ownership is better than individual ownership of property.
Capitalism is always bad.
Might makes right.
Social darwinism is a good idea.
Free market is based.
Personal property should be abolished.
Let's share our toothbrushes.
We should achieve hivemind.
Hivemind is a great way to eliminate free will.
Hitler and Stalin weren't authoritarian enough.
We should focus on improving the community.
Workers or the state should own property.
We should abolish the state.
People don't need restrictions
All property should be private.