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Easy political compass test without culture
Certain opinions should not be allowed to be expressed
Prostitution should be strictly forbiden
Most drugs should be legal
Only rich or highly educated people should be able to come to my country.
There should be some firearm regulations so less potential mass shooters have acces to guns.
The age of consent should be 21.
There should be no religeous restrictions including the way people dress.
During war sacrificing other peoples lifes for the states/your peoples sake is moral.
There should be no minimum wage.
The rich should pay less taxes than the middle class when it comes to the percentage.
Politicians should be approximately paid the same as the middle class.
The middle class should pay about 40% of their income in taxes.
Millionaires should not exist as Millionaires.
There are better systems than capitalism for the wellbeing of mankind such as socialism.
Employees should work at the most 9.5 h/day or less, this should be mandated by the law.
The goverment should provide healthcare at least for the poor, lower class and middle class.