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monarchist ?
democracy will eventually result in mob rule
monarchy is outdated and tyrannical
a monarch will be less corrupt than the politicians in my country
people only get representation in a democracy
most of the politician in my country are not fit for office
good policy the people want only comes from democracy
political leader come to power only because they appeal to more people not because of his/her merit
democracy avoids armed conflicts or civil war
a monarch is a better leader during a public emergency (war, pandemic, etc)
democracy makes people more patriotic
people are not rational enough to participate in a election
democracy is a very stable governmental system
political leaders should be trained to be political leaders, from birth if possible
people should be more involved in politic
democratic decision making process is too slow and inefficient
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed
private owners should control their property, not the state
people should be able to modify their body as they please
people who are not heterosexual should be allowed to marry their lover
crimes with no victim are not crime at all
the state is a threat to our freedom
the constitution is very important
we should have equality under the law
the state should be less involved in economic and make less regulation
the police are too militarised
government surveillance is generally bad
the government should protect consumer
rehabilitative, not punitive (for criminal)
people should be represented in the government
we should not start any wars, live and let live also apply to other country