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Alternate Political Compass Test
Long Term Economic regulation is beneficial to the economy.
The Free Market creates competition which is beneficial.
Allthough many free market nationas are very wealthy, Nations with regulated economies can do just as well, if not better.
Freedom of business is the best way society can prosper.
Corporatism is a preferable system when compared to capitalism.
The old Liberal party was economically superior to the Labour party in the UK.
All healthcare services should be socialized.
Total deregulation is at times beneficial.
Tradition is an unnecessary construct that simply stops societal progress.
Homosexuality, (whether YOU believe it to be natural or unnatural), is sinful.
Marijuana should be decriminalized for personal use.
A majority religious world is better than a majority Atheist world.
Previously oppressed peoples should be given reparations.
We should aim for a simpler life, with less technology, that brings us happiness.
Hierarchy is not inevdiable.
Nationalism is beneficial in the modern world because it helps a nation's serve their best interests first, ultimately improving them.
Fascism is a better system than Neo-Liberalism because it creates an economic system where the government has more control over economic affairs.
The market creates better innovations than works by the public.
All transportation should be provided by the state.
Private charity in theory can be better than social programs.
Government control will always be better at regulating the economy, than decentral unions.
Taxes should be lowered on the rich if we insure that they no longer get tax cuts.
Electricity should be publicly owned.
We should have a minimal government alongside a fully functional market.
Rapid social societal reforms need to be made to increase equality among the races and sexes.
A crackdown on Pornography would be beneficial to society.
The total legalization of abortion is beneficial.
Assimilation is absolutely necessary.
I support 3rd/4th wave feminism.
Cosmopolitanism does not work.
The LGBT movement deserves more respect.
Affirmative action should be ended.
In a free market society, it is a myth that total regulation limits the positive effects of capitalism.
There should be minimal penalization for misleading business, as it is the people fault that they followed them in the first place.
State capitalism is proven to be successful in China.
Income inequality can be solved by free market capitalism.
In old medieval societies, taxes should've been significantly higher on the nobility.
Land should be a commodity to be bought and sold.
State schools sound like a good idea.
Everyone can succeed economically, if they try hard enough.
Members of the LGBT community, should be allowed to adopt children.
The first half of the twentieth century told us that nationality is more of a dividing factor than class, as there were many more conflicts caused by nationality than by class.
Most drugs should be legal. (Non-Medical)
Systemic racism is not as serious as mainstream media outlets make it out to be.(In any, multiracial, western country)
Religion is mostly fictional.
It is to easy to immigrate in todays modern world, and there needs to be more restrictions.
We should stop trying to be ideologically universal and instead focus on peace and particularism.
My nations military spending is either good the way it is, or should be increased.
Corporations are the cause of more oppression (to people or to the environment) than governments, and thus, need to be watched closely.
"The freer the market, the freer the people"
Welfare statism is not a utopian idea like many people make it out to be.
The system of universal healthcare used in Switzerland, is preferable when compared to other universal systems. (In Switzerland there is no state provided healthcare but instead, they use a private, compulsory system)
Rather than a socialist utopia or Capitalist society, we should have a system where wealth is passed down through the classes by the state, and regulated by the state.
The term "worker", has been conflated to include anyone who likes Marx's theory.
The government having more economic control is beneficial because it can easily be applied to systems like, the military, healthcare, and research, which better the nation.
The free market betters a person as it helps them build experience which can be applied to many more things, than just economics.
Environmentalism is a principle that all people need to have.
The only time when abortion should be allowed, is in a case of rape, incest, or possible damage to the mothers health.
People should be able to marry whoever they want.
People should be allowed to own confederate flags whether I like it or not.
In most cases, rehabilitation should be a bigger priority than punishment.
People usually share the same few reasons for purchasing a firearm so, every (able) person should be allowed to purchase one.
People should be able to call themselves whatever they like, and people should be excepting of that.
Globalism is a threat to my ideal way of social order.
The more control, the more equality. (Through any form of regulation)
Collectivism is a dead construct as we saw it be corrupted by, Fascists, Nazis and Authoritarian Communists, in the twentieth century.
A fascist economic theory, helps keep the nation stable, fight inequality, and bring glory, all at the same time.
If forced to live in a left-wing society, a social democracy, or social libertarian government is preferable.
Tradition for traditions sake is pointless.
Some level of national pride is always necessary as a uniting factor.
We should never stop trying to expand rights even at the cost of another groups rights.
If we don't eventually stop technological progress, technological progress, will end us.