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20questions test (Five new questions!)
Communist economy cannot work in practice
Laisses-Faire economy cannot work in practice
Taxes should be as low as possible
I support healthcare funded from taxes
State should not intervene into economy
Stronger the state, the better
Anarchism cannot work in practice
I support the idea of minimal state
People should have right to buy guns
"If you have nothing to hide, you have noting to fear"
We should have higher taxes in exchange for a better wealfare
Marxism is dangerous
Employer should have option to hire based on race, gender etc.
"Freer the market, freer the people"
Inheritance is a legitimate form of whealth.
Hate speech should be banned
Religion should be banned/enforced
Same-sex marrige should be legal
Some ideologies should be banned
We should have anti-discriminatory laws enforced on people.