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Sadowskis Political Compass Test v1
We sould allow food stamps for the poor
Ingsoc from the book 1984 can work in the real world
The free market is the best way society can prosper
Freedom of big business is the best thing we can do as a society to grow and make good progress
We should defund the police
We should not have any government in our society at all
Democracy is the best thing we have in the world
The government needs to cut taxes instead of raising them
I support politicians like Bernie Sanders on their economic axes
Healthcare should be funded by taxes
Land should not be a commodity to be bought and sold
The government should regulate us more
There are way to much prisons in our country and we would be better without them
Anarchism is an ideal that cannot work in practice
Communism is an ideal that can never work in practice
The freer the market the freer the people
The less government we have the better society is
I would rather live in an anarchist society than an authoritarian society
I would rather live in a communist utopia than a capitalist one
Social Darwinism is an ideology that can work in practice
Anyone who disagrees with me or is a government official is a spook
I should be able to whatever drugs i want and the government should not ban them
Strength is the best way a society can succeed
Donald Trump is a good president because he wants to have a strong economy with big business
I.C.E is doing more harm than good
We need the government to create laws to stop businesses from exploiting workers out of hard labor
We need the goverment to regulate what business are doing to the environment
autocracies are great and can work if done right
charity is a better way of helping the poor than social welfare
what do you think of minimum wages?
a government that provides for everyone is a good idea