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Reactionary Compass
Monarchy is an outdated institution.
Land ownership should come with hereditary social status.
Race is a biological and spiritual reality that cannot be overlooked.
Religion is ultimately more important than nationality.
The government exists to protect our freedom.
The public cannot be trusted to carry weapons.
The government should create monopolies to protect trade.
Hate the sin, not the sinner.
People should not have sex for pleasure only.
Patriarchy is good.
Heavy Metal music, gangster rap, and all other types of edgy counter-culture are dangerous for society.
Politeness is essential.
People should be grateful for what they already have rather than trying to change everything.
Those in power should be qualified based on skill, not blood.
Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to rise to the top.
We should reject modernity and go back to the values of ancient times.
Money-hungry corporations must be restrained with the wise hand of government.
It is nobler to work hard than to be well-bred.
A religious authority should interpret the Bible instead of the common man.
LGBT and other degeneracies need to be purged.
Heavy industry is nobler than agriculture.
Our ancestors should be revered and their wisdom should be sought.
Stoicism and austerity is nobler than Baroque lavishness.
The Realm matters more than the Individual.
Isolationism is unrealistic.
We must have a unity of culture.
We should perfect our bloodlines through breeding and eugenics.
Nationality is spiritual.
Doing drugs is bad for moral character.
Weak conservatism should be supplanted by alternative right wing politics.
We should return to the guild system of craftsmanship.
Transnational corporations work against national interests.
We should conquer lesser nations and incorporate them into a great empire.