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Accurate Political Compass Test
Consumption and sale of psychoactive drugs is something that shouldn't be punished by law
Capital property which can be used to create wealth should be mostly
Healthcare should not be bought and sold as a commodity.
Social services should be provided for people who are economically challenged
Religion should be
Economic emancipation means
Unions are useful for
Sex should be
An ideal government is
Education should be managed with commercial principles.
Immigration should be
International trade should be
Land should be
In general, our mission as a society should be to uplift the entire community together rather than each individual uplifting himself.
Social hierarchies are
The value of a person's labor
Equality of outcome is important
Equality of opportunity means
The right to privacy is not necessary as long as the government is moral and responsible.
It is important that the government follows the majority opinion, even if it is wrong.
Taxation is moral and legitimate
Free speech
People should contribute wealth to a common fund to finance public needs
The state should be
Justice should
How much of a country's economy should be controlled by the government?
Standards of manners in public and decency in media should be enforced by the government.
How should we treat other countries?
Competition is more effective than cooperation at keeping the economy dynamic and strong.
Giving out money or food stamps to the poor is good for society.
The government must take whatever measures necessary to protect the environment.
Workers need to be protected by law from abuses of their labor by employers.
Companies should be able to cut corners on standards that protect consumers.
The government should not be very present in people's lives.
A market should be stimulated by large investments periodically in order to curb recessions
We should limit our reliance on money as a medium of wealth.
Anti-discrimination laws are necessary, without religious exemptions.
Minimum standards of material wealth should be ensured for everybody.
People who shouldn't have children shouldn't be allowed to.
Local areas of a country should be able to have different laws